From the beginning of the pandemic, products called sanitizers appeared on the market, but later many of them turned out that do not have any antibacterial effect, just a cleaning one.

Certification issued by the Ministry of Health for launching on the market a biocide product.

The first and most important factor to trust such kind of sanitizing product is the certification documents issued only by the Ministry of Health. This type of product is defined as a biocide and many laboratory tests are passed before it receives final approval from the Ministry of Health. The products categorized only as cleaning, do not pass such tests and reach the market after submission of a notification by the respective manufacturer to the EC portal.

Hygea sanitizers are available in two varieties - antibacterial hand gel and liquid sanitizer for hands and surfaces, each of which is available in four series: odorless, with organic rose water, with organic lavender oil and with fragrance Fun mood of citrus and flowers. All types of Hygea disinfectants have a certification number 2769-3 / 13.11.2020. issued by MH for biocides.

Concentration of active substance (% alcohol)

According to the requirements of the World Health Organization (WHO), biocidal products must contain 70% by weight or 80% by volume of ethyl or propyl/isopropyl alcohol to be effective in combating microorganisms, otherwise the disinfecting ability of such products is not reliable enough.

All disinfectants under the brand Hygea fully meet this requirement of the WHO, as the percentage of ethanol in their recipe is 75%, which makes them reliable in combating the harmful effects of microorganisms in the environment.

Moisturizing ingredients

In addition to the alcohol content, the WHO recommends that the emollient glycerol be included in the sanitizers’ recipe, which protects the skin of the hands from drying out and softens it, even with frequent use of disinfectants.

One of the highest quality glycerols, meeting the requirements of European Pharmacopoeia 8.0, is used in Hygea products. For additional hydration in Hygea sanitizers are also added organic oils and organic floral waters for softening hand skin. In the series of fragrances are included a certified organic lavender oil with additional antiseptic action, and a certified organic rose water extracted from Rosa Damascena which bring a high level moisturing and hydrating effect on the skin.

To avoid the use of poor quality sanitizers always pay attention to the content of the products and choose those that contain large amounts of alcohol, moisturing ingredients and last but not least, sanitizers which have the relevant permit from the Ministry of Health.

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